What makes you strong?

In my opinion,in every person’s life there is always a choice: Better or Bitter! let’s choice better, forget Bitter. To arrive at the destination of better choice, I think we need to keep ourselves a huge source of energy.More than 80% of success is determined by the energy inside you. I used to wish I could do something to help people always keep that energy.I really want to bring the joyful everyday for people,I want to help everyone have happy life, laugh a lot, the meaning and success.I have tried to read many books and took part in many active transmission groups and I know I need looking for an abundant energy source for yourself because when I have so much energy I can spread it to people who are around me .Now I am trying to change my habits,i wake up earlier in the morning everyday and make time table there for I can do many things during the day and I often spend time to learn how to calm down to recharge myself .I hope we can see each other soon.♥️